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Hi, I am a retired computer programmer living in Australia, and I wrote this hobby application for my own use.

If you would like to try the application, have any questions, or want to discuss the general topics addressed at this site, you could email me at info@albumplays.com

Or send me a private message:

at either at Last.fm where I am Barry4679 lastfm
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or at the Sonos forums where I am BarryM Sonos icon
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project status

Although AlbumPlays is an ongoing work in progress, it has been working hard, and reliably, on my own computer for some time now. I finished the first part in 2011, and used it to import the 54,000 track plays which I had accumulated to Last.fm at that time.

It is now 2018, and AlbumPlays has handled my 175,000+ new tracks plays. So a lot of the kinks have been ironed out.

I have shared the application with those who have contacted me, and it seems to be working well for them.

project support

I am migrating AlbumPlays support to this Google Group.

want to get involved?

If you find this site, and have a strong interest in your play counts, you might like to contact me and get involved?

  • people to use the application, and the documentation stored at this site … only general Windows skills are required, a willingness to provide feedback, and some patience

  • also keen to hear from anybody who would like to get further involved. Either with the documentation, the support of other users, or programming (Python or Linux skills would help)

Thanks for reading.