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Getting Started Prerequisites, Installation, Configuration, & Seeding your database vs SPY modes Comparison of the two modes of detecting fresh track plays mode Usage illustration, and How-To guide
SPY mode Usage illustration, Install and How-To guides
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Multi-User Description of the multi-user capabilities
AlbumPlays Playlists Multi-target playlists, with album-based & auto-refresh options
Google Play Music Integration with your Google Play Music library
Application backup Backup AlbumPlays and MediaMonkey databases
Play summary or details? Upload to MM just play summaries, or individual scrobbles also? ; considerations
Raspberry Pi Use a Raspberry Pi for Spy mode, so you can turn your PC off

Frequently asked questions:

Guide: Getting Started:

Guide: mode:                  nb: available to everybody: no Sonos requirement

Guide: SPY mode                         nb: only applicable to Sonos owners

Guide: AlbumPlays Playlists: (multi-target, album-based & auto-refresh options)
Guide: Running the AlbumPlays Spy module on a Raspberry Pi
  • Why? … What is a Raspberry Pi? .. How would it help? .. What do you need?
  • Control your Raspberry Pi … remote control from your Windows PC
  • Install options … assisted install or manual install? … required preparation
    • Assisted RPi Installation steps:
      • Install RPi … install & boot the Raspberry Pi, and establish interoperability with Windows
      • Install AlbumPlays … install Spy component of AlbumPlays onto the Raspberry Pi
      • Initial configuration of AlbumPlays … get AlbumPlays running with a basic configuration… it finds your Sonos zones and start detecting track plays
      • Wrap up steps … convenience functions, send yourself Alert emails if problems develop, also secure your Raspberry Pi against hacker attack, and your database against corruption
    • Manual RPi Installation steps:
      • Connection .. what to plug where … connect to your network
      • Controlling it from your Windows PC .. so that it has no need for its own screen, mouse nor keyboard
      • Configuring your Raspberry Pi .. install patches & updates remote server (vnc) .. Windows clipboard support for paste from Windows .. reserve a fixed IP address .. backup your configuration
      • Preparing your RPi for AlbumPlays … enable Windows Explorer to access your RPi .. install a GUI for package management (Synaptic) .. allow access to a NAS share .. install AlbumPlays prerequisites
      • Installing AlbumPlays … coming soon
      • Installing AlbumPlays upgrades … coming soon

Things to consider: