Raspberry Pi

This topic is applicable to Sonos owners only.

SPY mode is where you get your Sonos plays directly from your Sonos zones themselves. … There is a cost to the advantages of Spy node; you need to keep a computer running to detect your Sonos plays.

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, very low cost, computer which can attach to your home network. It is also very economical, as it uses just half an amp (about 12% of what a Sonos Play:1 uses when silent). It can be left running 24×7, so that your PC doesn’t have to.

  • Why? … What is a Raspberry Pi? .. How would it help? .. What do you need?
  • Install options … assisted, largely hands-free, install? … or manual install?
  • Control your Raspberry Pi … remote control from your Windows PC
  • Assisted Installation steps:
    • Install RPi … install & boot the Raspberry Pi, and establish interoperability with Windows
    • Install AlbumPlays … install Spy component of AlbumPlays onto the Raspberry Pi
    • Initial configuration of AlbumPlays … get AlbumPlays running with a basic configuration… it finds your Sonos zones and start detecting track plays
    • Wrap up steps … convenience functions, also send yourself an Alert email if a problem arises, also secure your Raspberry Pi against hacker attack
  • Manual Installation steps:
    • Preparation .. preparation for manual installation of your RPi
    • Controlling it from your Windows PC .. so that it has no need for its own screen, mouse nor keyboard
    • Configuring your Raspberry Pi .. install patches & updates ..auto-start remote server (vnc) .. Windows clipboard support for paste from Windows .. reserve a fixed IP address .. backup your configuration
    • Preparing your RPi for AlbumPlays … enable Windows Explorer to access your RPi .. install a GUI for package management (Synaptic) .. allow access to a NAS share .. install AlbumPlays prerequisites
    • Installing AlbumPlays … coming soon
    • Installing AlbumPlays upgrades … coming soon