This site is focused upon free tools and discussion relevant to keen music fans, especially those who want to maintain an intimate connection to their music collection, regardless of how large it may grow..

While it is not a requirement, this site will be of special interest if you already have:

  • a Last.fm account
  • or use the MediaMonkey media database
  • or have Sonos music players

First time here? – this short introduction gives an overview of the motivation behind this site, and the tools I use to obtain and utilise my album and track play counts. This introduction will help you decide whether any of it is likely to be of use for yourself.

Features and benefits – a more detailed illustration of the benefits offered by the free tools

Overview of day to day operationfor Sonos owners, or AlbumPlays without a Sonos

How to …. ? – here are User Guides with illustrations of the application in use, step-by-step install instructions, the list of prerequisites

  • Contact me – request a copy of AlbumPlays, ask questions, or make suggestions