Using your Google play library as a target

AlbumPlays can publish and refresh playlists to your Google Play Music library.

• general features & benefits of AlbumPlays playlists are described here

• an overview of AlbumPlays’ integration with your Google Play library is here

The aim of AlbumPlays’ Google playlist support is to enable you to easily publish, and refresh, the contents of your MediaMonkey playlists into Google Play Music playlists. … MediaMonkey playlist building facilities are more advanced than those in Google.

An requirement is that the playlist tracks need to be known to both your MediaMonkey database and your Google library.
• either these will be your own tracks uploaded to Google (at no charge)
• or Google tracks & albums you have "adopted" into your MM database

Some preparation is required before AlbumPlays can publish playlists into your Google Play library.

Assign your AlbumPlays playlist(s) to your Google library

assign the playlist to a Google account
For instructions see here for MM playlists, or here for native playlists

AlbumPlays currently can only publish to a single Google account, even though there is (redundant) facility to store credentials for multiple listeners.

You need to update any playlist which will be used to publish to Google, advising the ID of the Listener whose Google library should be used.

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