SPY mode

SPY mode is where you get your non-Sonos plays from Last.fm, but you get your Sonos plays directly from your Sonos zones themselves.

Spy mode is only applicable to Sonos owners. The other mode is Last.fm mode (aka LFM mode) where the application is set up to obtain all of your track plays from your Last.fm account. You need to use LFM mode if you don’t own Sonos equipment.

This part of the User Guide discusses SPY mode only. See here for a comparison of the two modes. The AlbumPlays install procedure initially defaulted this application into the other mode (ie. LFM mode).

There are two parts to Spy mode:

  • Play count processing : this component uses your track play data to update MediaMonkey, and optionally Last.fm also. It runs upon the PC which is hosting MediaMonkey.
  • Observation & Detection (aka O&D) : this component observes your Sonos units, and detects your track plays. It needs to be running whenever listening to your Sonos. It may run on your PC, could run on your NAS, or upon a cheap Linux device attached to your network.