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Getting Started Prerequisites, Installation, Configuration, & Seeding your database vs SPY modes Comparison of the two modes of detecting fresh track plays mode Usage iIlustration, and How-To guide
SPY mode Usage illustration, Install and How-To guides
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Multi-User Description of the multi-user capabilities
AlbumPlays Playlists Multi-target playlists, with album-based & auto-refresh options
Application backup Backup AlbumPlays and MediaMonkey databases
Play summary or details? Upload to MM just play summaries, or individual scrobbles also? ; considerations
Raspberry Pi Use a Raspberry Pi for Spy mode, so you can turn your PC off

Guide: Getting Started:

Guide: mode:                  nb: available to anybody: no Sonos requirement

Guide: SPY mode                         nb: only applicable to Sonos owners

Guide: AlbumPlays Playlists: (multi-target, album-based & auto-refresh options)
Guide: Running the AlbumPlays Spy module on a Raspberry Pi
  • Why? … What is a Raspberry Pi? .. How would it help? .. What do you need?
  • Install options … assisted install or manual install? … required preparation
    • Assisted RPi Installation steps:
      • Install RPi … install & boot the Raspberry Pi, and establish interoperability with Windows
      • Install AlbumPlays … install Spy component of AlbumPlays onto the Raspberry Pi
      • Initial configuration of AlbumPlays … get AlbumPlays running with a basic configuration… it finds your Sonos zones and start detecting track plays
      • further step coming
    • Manual RPi Installation steps:
      • Connection .. what to plug where … connect to your network
      • Controlling it from your Windows PC .. so that it has no need for its own screen, mouse nor keyboard
      • Configuring your Raspberry Pi .. install patches & updates remote server (vnc) .. Windows clipboard support for paste from Windows .. reserve a fixed IP address .. backup your configuration
      • Preparing your RPi for AlbumPlays … enable Windows Explorer to access your RPi .. install a GUI for package management (Synaptic) .. allow access to a NAS share .. install AlbumPlays prerequisites
      • Installing AlbumPlays … coming soon
      • Installing AlbumPlays upgrades … coming soon

Things to consider:

Frequently asked questions: